Tatsuya Nakatani Live @ Lyons Zemi

We had a really wonderful visit from percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani and artist Julie Schenkelberg. At the end of the seminar Tatsuya generously allowed us to try out his instruments. This was a really inspiring way to end the term and start the Winter/Spring break. Don’t forget Tatsuya will be performing at UrbanGuild on Friday, January 18th.

Guest Speaker: Akio Suzuki (鈴木昭男)

Don’t forget that we’ll meet in Room 301 tomorrow. Akio Suzuki, a pioneer explorer of Sound Art, will be visiting. I have no idea what he will do which just makes his visit even more interesting.

Suzuki-san really keeps busy. Later this month he’ll be giving a workshop on sound art and performance at YCAM (山口情報芸術センター). You can find many videos of his performances on YouTube. Here’s a sample of a collaboration with Jim O’Rourke.