Historical Images of New York City

The New York City Municipal Archives has just released a large gallery of historical photographs to the pubilc. A selection of the images was published by The Atlantic. Many offer a fascinating glimpse at NYC under construction. The quality of these images is very impressive, perhaps timeless. I imagine factors contributing to the image quality include:

  • Skill of the photographers
  • Use of large format film
  • Use of a tripod
  • Craftsmanly control of exposure, development, and printing process
  • etc …


Marc Riboud @ Kahitsukan

The Kahitsukan (何必館), a contemporary art gallery in Gion that frequently exhibits black and white photography, currently has a show of prints by Magnum photojournalist, Marc Riboud. The exhibition closes on April 22. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition, and would like a free ticket, let me know.

There’s a really good tsubo niwa (坪庭) on the top floor of the Kahitsukan.


Izis is at Isetan

Israëlis Bidermanas, nickname Izis, was born in Lithuania in 1911, and moved to Paris to study painting and escape anti-semitism. Bidermanas survived a Nazi prison camp and was a member of the French resistance during WWII. After the war he was active as a photojournalist making humanist street photos mainly in Paris and other locations, such as the debris of London in the aftermath of WWII. He seems to have been fascinated by the circus and his portfolio includes many photographs of circus performers and audiences.

The show at Isetan, in the Kyoto station building, ends on February 26th and is well worth seeing.

イジス写真展 -パリに見た夢- IZIS PARIS DES RÊVES

入館料:一般 800円(600円)/高・大学生 600円(400円)/小・中学生 400円(200円)