This year marks the 100th birthday of John Cage, who is a kind of patron saint of this seminar. I’ve just noticed that Prof. Clark Lunberry, University of North Florida, is organizing cagefest in celebration of the John Cage centenary. The festival runs from March 24th  – 29th in Jacksonville, Florida with a full program of concerts, performances, and exhibitions. Dutch sound artist Jaap Blonk will perform at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the festival.

Clark was a guest speaker in the seminar in July 2011. Atsushi Nishijima, who was a guest speaker in May 2011, has been organizing John Cage centenary count-down events for the past few years, in Kyoto and elsewhere in Japan. You can see Nishijima-san on rainstick in a video from one of the countdown events held at the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, in November 2011.

March should be a very nice time to visit Florida, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be attending the Jacksonville cagefest.