SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014 Course: How to Design and Build New Musical Interfaces

Our course proposal was accepted at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014. The course will be held December 3, 2014 in Shenzhen China. More information here. It will be great to have active participation at SIGGRAPH ASIA from Ritsumeikan !

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Shoot Film!

Demo Reel — 2012 from Evan Prosofsky on Vimeo.

Check out this show reel of music videos with cinematography by Montreal based Evan Prosofsky. All shot with super 35mm and super 16mm and Arriflex cameras. Perhaps you’d already noticed the filmic look of Grimes’ breakthrough video for ‘Oblivion‘, directed by, also based in Montreal, Emily Kai Bock, and featuring the football team of my alma mater マギル大学. The demo reel comes with the byline: “Please help keep film alive! Shoot film.” and Evan’s CV indicates that most of his projects are done with film, though he has used Red cameras on a couple of videos.

Anyways, shoot film! It’s one way to stand out from the crowd.

EM Sounds of a 15-inch MacBook Pro (In Glorious Stereo)

Recorded via stereo 400 millihenri coils. The song you hear part way through is Julian Cope’s ‘Laughing Boy’ from the album ‘FRIED’. It started playing on YouTube after restarting the computer, which evidently never goes (electromagnetically) completely silent during a restart. It is recorded here not acoustically, but through electromagnetic emissions due to movement of the computer speaker coils.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2012: Advances in NIME

Prof. Sid Fels (UBC) and I will be presenting our course on Advances in New Interfaces for Musical Expression at the upcoming SIGGRAPH Asia conference to be held at the Singapore Expo in November 2012. Looking forward to spending more time in Singapore.

The SIGGRAPH Asia web site is using our photos as the main banner for the courses page, and these are also visible on the preview slideshow playing on the main conference page.